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Installation and Operation of the HandshoeMouse

NOTE: The following details pertain to the newest "Light Click Force" model of the HandshoeMouse. For earlier models please email tech@micwil.com for support:


As the Handshoe Mouse is a "Plug and Play" device the actual setup and operation of the mouse is very simple.

For the Wired Version simply plug the cord into the mini-usb port on the mouse and then plug the other end of the mouse cord into any available USB port on your computer. It will automatically install itself and in moments will be ready to go to work.

The Wireless Version of the HandshoeMouse is also very similar. As it contains a rechargeable battery it is generally recommended that it be connected for charging prior to usage. Charging is accomplished by simply plugging the cord into the mini-usb port on the mouse and then attaching to any live USB port on your computer. In order to use the mousel USB Micro Receiver needs to be plugged into an available USB port. The computer should recognize it in a few seconds and register the mouse for use.
NOTE: If mouse fails to respond or if you experience issues with the Wireless Light Click Force HandshoeMouse please follow these instructions.

Setting the Cursor and Scrolling Speeds

The video below offers instruction on setting up your HandshoeMouse for optimum use. (The video starts with audio info and a blue screen.)

Wireless Models and Battery Care

The rechargeable Lithium battery which powers the HandshoeMouse should provide the average user with several years of trouble-free service. Note: Over the life of the battery the period between charges will gradually decrease. This is a normal occurrence but by adhering to the following guidelines you should be able to partially reduce or delay this effect.

  • Under average usage a NEW battery with a full charge (4-6 hours) should provide you with 4-6 weeks of use before requiring a charge. When battery power is low a blue indicator light will show through from the scroll wheel and the mouse should be connected for charging (3-6 hours will should provide another 4-6 weeks of average use).
  • Try to avoid fully depleting the battery to where the mouse fails to provide cursor movement as this will shorten the life expectancy of the battery as well as increase the frequency of recharging. If you find that your usage requires more frequent recharging make a point of developing a regular recharging schedule. This will aid in avoiding total depletion of the battery and maintain the life expectancy of the battery.
  • Avoid unnecessary recharging cycles as over time this will reduce the life expectancy of the battery.
  • Please be aware that once the battery has been completely discharged it may take up to 20 minutes to re-charge the battery to a level where you can start working again. In that case it may be possible that communication between the mouse and micro antenna will need to be re-established.
  • To charge the battery, your computer must be switched on or the cord connected to an "Always Live" POWERED USB port.

Should your battery get to the point where it will no longer hold a charge it is possible to purchase a replacement battery. It is recommended that these be replaced by a professional and HandshoeMouseCanada can provide that service.

Wireless Setup and Use

Battery Power Saving = Mouse Sleep Mode

To save battery power, the wireless HandShoe Mouse goes to sleep in 3 separate steps:

  • Step 1: The mouse is on stand-by
  • Step 2: The mouse goes to battery saving position
  • Step 3: The mouse goes to sleep. This is indicated by the LED light on the bottom turning off.

To activate the wireless Light Click (LC) version: simply move the mouse to reactivate.

Re-establishing the connection if the cursor does not move
The power source of the wireless HandShoe Mouse is a large Lithium-Ion battery.
The following video explains it all:
Points of Attention:
  • The HandShoe Mouse doesn't just stop working but if you don't use it for a period of time it might go into sleep mode.
  • First click one of the mouse buttons and then move the mouse. Check if the cursor moves on the screen.
  • You can only charge the battery when your computer is switched on
  • For charging, use the cable which comes with the mouse
  • Most likely communication between mouse and antenna will then start
  • The wireless HandShoe Mouse communicates only via the antenna/dongle; the cable is just for charging

Restoring Lost Wireless Connection

  • If the cursor does not move, connect charger cable.
  • Wait a few seconds to allow for initial battery charge to take place.
  • Test with the charger cable connected if the cursor moves.
  • If the scroll wheel flashes, (see image) the battery level is far too low.
    • A full recharge will then take up to 6 hours.
    • One can continue working with the cable connected as long as the antenna is in place.
    • Communication between wireless mouse and computer only takes place via the antenna; The cable is only for charging the battery.
    • If your HandshoeMouse fails to move the cursor after the above steps you may need to pair the Mouse and Receiver by doing the following:
      1. Turn the mouse over and locate the small button on the underside
      2. Press and release the button
      3. Wait a few seconds and Press and Release the button again
    • If the cursor still fails to move, check the antenna for damage.

    Further assistance is available by contacting tech@micwil.com

Can the HandshoeMouse be programmed?

No, the HandShoe Mouse buttons cannot be programmed.
Button functions are defined by standard software provided on PC or laptop by Microsoft®, Macintosh®, Apple® and Unix®.

What is the WARRANTY period?

All HandShoe Mouse Light Click (LC) Models are supplied with a 3 Year Warranty
All Standard (non LC) models have a 1 Year Warranty

Please Note:
In order to validate your warranty you will need to provide a copy of the Original Purchase Invoice, the model of your HandshoeMouse, as well as the Serial number from the underside of the mouse Light Click (LC) models only.

Warranty is VOID if:

  • The mouse has been opened by the user or anybody else
  • The body of the mouse has been damaged

The Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Normal wear and tear of mouse sliders
  • Loss of cable or antenna
  • Body damage due to maltreatment (e.g. mouse being dropped etc.)
  • Broken mouse buttons as a result of maltreatment, dropping, accidents etc.

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