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Instructions for start-up of wireless HandShoe Mouse

HandShoe Mouse wireless antenna 1. Carefully insert the micro antenna into any available USB port on your computer, keyboard, or hub (Look at the way in which the connector is orientated and line it up with the socket before you attempt to push it in)
HandShoe Mouse wireless antenna 2. Attach the charger cable to another USB port.
HandShoe Mouse cable connection 3. Connect the charger cable to the micro-USB port on the front of the mouse.
4. If the battery is very low, a red light will start flashing under the scroll wheel.
HandShoe Mouse charging 5. Leave the charger cable in place to charge the battery for six hours.
You can use the mouse straight away while charging the battery, as long as the micro antenna is in place.
Ergonomic Handshoe Mouse 6. Place the mouse on the desk and press one of the mouse buttons.
This should establish the wireless connection between the mouse and the receiver.

7. Move mouse to determine whether the connection is working (cursor should move)

8. If cursor fails to move please go to the Technical Support Page

The Handshoe Mouse has an Internal Rechargeable Battery. For details on how to maintain and optimize the life of your battery please see the section entitled "Wireless Models and Battery Care", also on the Technical Support Page